I Love You Baby Videoart

The Masked Singer

Crazy In Love Cover

The Next Star (Hacohav Haba)

Pam Ann Instagram Filter

Pam Ann

Funny Eyes Instagram Filter

Fuk My Eyes

Kim Chi Instagram Filter

Kim Chi

Bob The Drag Queen Instagram Filter

Bob The Drag Queen

Aquaria Drag Race Instagram Filter


The Queens Instagram Filter

The Queens

Funny Hair Instagram Filter

FaceMyHair Filter

Famous Instagram 3D Filter

Famous Filter

US Soccer Megan Rapinoe

US Soccer

Indy 500 Animation

Indy 500

Deadmau5 Space Vegas Promo by Elad Magdasi

Deadmau5 Vegas Promo

The Four - 3D Hive by Elad Magdasi

The Four

Got Talent Israel Star

Got Talent

Reshet Launch Event by Elad Magdasi

Reshet TV Content

Boombox Promo by Elad Magdasi

Boombox Festival

Infected Mushroom vs. Balkan Beatbox

Infected Mushroom vs. Balkan Beatbox

Skrillex Logo VJ Loop L Train

Skrillex VJ Content

HYTYD VJ Loops Content

HYTYD VJ Content

sziget TV Spot Israel

Sziget Animation

Infected Mushroom Live 2016

Infected Mushroom Live Promo

Infected Mushroom 20 years

Infected Mushroom’s Anniversary Promo

Tsunami Borgeous VJ Reel

Borgeous Live Show Art

Chainsmokers VJ Reel

Chainsmokers VJ Loops

NCMA Speaker Video

NCMA Speaker Video

Life In Color Teaser

Life In Color Festival Teaser

Ravens Projection Mapping

Ravens Projection Mapping

-424 David Guetta with Crowd

-424 Dead Sea Rave Teaser

Spectrum 3D Animation


Meital De Razon - End To Start Music Video

Meital De Razon – End To Start

Prodigy In Israel Flyer

Prodigy – Live In Israel

Rooftops 3D Render with Octane




Flying Shuttles

Compositing Showreel

NCMA World Congress

NCMA World Congress

Cat Dog Beach Party

Cat & Dog Beach Party Promo



Dead Sea Rave -424 David Guetta

Dead Sea Rave Promo // David Guetta

Infected Aoki Mixed Promo

Steve Aoki & Infected Mushroom Promo

Zappa Shuni Promo

Zappa Shuni Spring Promo

Meital De Razon - Bring it

Meital De Razon – Bring It

Meital De Razon Asi Tal - Le Lo Le

Meital De Razon – Le Lo Le

ADD Mashup Parties Chart

A.D.D Music Chart

Skazi Mapping Elad Magdasi

Skazi – Video Mapping

Tazman Elad Magdasi

Tazman Managing Systems

cYou Mobile App

cYou Mobile App